IPL Date sheet 2021 जानिए आईपीएल समय सारणी BCCI IPL 2021

IPL Date sheet 2021 :- The most awaited season of India is finally here, each of us wait for this to come, it’s not a festival but sounds like a festival which is celebrated across India by everyone. It is the Indian Premiere League or IPL. Starting on 9th of April 2021 going on till 30th May 2021, IPL will be played on limited venues and sadly due to the circumstances created by COVID-19 none of the matches will be played in home stadiums and will be played behind closed doors i.e. no spectators are allowed to watch these matches as of now.

BCCI IPL Date sheet 2021

Venues for the games are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Ahmadabad. The first match which is between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore is hosted at M. A. Chidambaram stadium in Chennai on 9th of April. The play-off’s which starts from 25th May to 30th May 2021 will be hosted at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmadabad. Out of 56 matches, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore will host 10 matches each while Ahmadabad and Delhi will host 8 matches each. the afternoon games will be played at 3:30 PM while the evening matches will be played around 7:30 PM.

IPL Date sheet 2021
April 9MI vs. RCB7:30 pmChennai
April 10CSK vs. DC7:30 pmMumbai
April 11SRH vs. KKR7:30 pmChennai
April 12RR vs. PK7:30 pmMumbai
April 13KKR vs. MI7:30 pmChennai
April 14SRH vs. RCB7:30 pmChennai
April 15RR vs. DC7:30 pmMumbai
April 16PK vs. CSK7:30 pmMumbai
April 17MI vs. SRH7:30 pmChennai
April 18RCB vs. KKR3:30 pmChennai
April 18DC vs. PK7:30 pmMumbai
April 19CSK vs. RR7:30 pmMumbai
April 20DC vs. MI7:30 pmChennai
April 21PK vs. SRH3:30 pmChennai
April 21KKR vs. CSK7:30 pmMumbai
April 22RCB vs. RR7:30 pmMumbai
April 23PK vs. MI7:30 pmChennai
April 24RR vs. KKR7:30 pmMumbai
April 25CSK vs. RCB3:30 pmMumbai
April 25SRH vs. DC7:30 pmChennai
April 26PK vs. KKR7:30 pmAhmadabad
April 27DC vs. RCB7:30 pmAhmadabad
April 28CSK vs. SRH7:30 pmDelhi
April 29MI vs. RR3:30 pmDelhi
April 29DC vs. KKR7:30 pmAhmadabad
April 30PK vs. RCB7:30 pmAhmadabad
May 1MI vs. CSK7:30 pmDelhi
May 2RR vs. SRH3:30 pmDelhi
May 2PK vs. DC7:30 pmAhmadabad
May 3KKR vs. RCB7:30 pmAhmadabad
May 4SRH vs. MI7:30 pmDelhi
May 5RR vs. CSK7:30 pmDelhi
May 6RCB vs. PK7:30 pmAhmadabad
May 7SRH vs. CSK7:30 pmDelhi
May 8KKR vs. DC3:30 pmAhmadabad
May 8RR vs. MI7:30 pmDelhi
May 9CSK vs. PK3:30 pmBangalore
May 9RCB vs. SRH7:30 pmKolkata
May 10MI vs. KKR7:30 pmBangalore
May 11DC vs. RR7:30 pmKolkata
May 12CSK vs. KKR7:30 pmBangalore
May 13MI vs. PK3:30 pmBangalore
May 13SRH vs. RR7:30 pmKolkata
May 14RCB vs. DC7:30 pmKolkata
May 15KKR vs. PK7:30 pmBangalore
May 16RR vs. RCB3:30 pmKolkata
May 16CSK vs. MI7:30 pmBangalore
May 17DC vs. SRH7:30 pmKolkata
May 18KKR vs. RR7:30 pmBangalore
May 19SRH vs. PK7:30 pmBangalore
May 20RCB vs. MI7:30 pmKolkata
May 21KKR vs. SRH3:30 pmBangalore
May 21DC vs. CSK7:30 pmKolkata
May 22PK vs. RR7:30 pmBangalore
May 23MI vs. DC3:30 pmKolkata
May 23RCB vs. CSK7:30 pmKolkata
May 25Qualifier 17:30 pmAhmadabad
May 26Eliminator7:30 pmAhmadabad
May 28Qualifier 27:30 pmAhmadabad
May 30Final7:30 pmAhmadabad

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