How to Play Online Lotto in India, Lotto Number Choosing Process and Withdrawal

Hey all, Want to know how to play Lotto, and every detail about it, then read out the full article and follow all the steps. 

If you are an ardent player, and couldn’t stop yourself from playing and exploring various interesting games, then you are at the right place.

We have got you simpler and easier tips on how to play Lotto, just read the whole article to know about the lotto, how to enter in it, and how to get Lotto draw.

Anyone can play Lotto that requires only two minutes to buy ticket cost Rs 40 for which you only need mobile phones, laptop, or computer and High-speed data to enjoy and play Lotto.

How to Play Lotto

What is Lotto Game?

Lotto is a Delightful number game that contains draws. Just with the few amounts you can win and desire million dollars. You just need the entry fee of Rs 40 to win the Lotto that will be sufficient for all types of people to invest in the game of hope and luck. If you want to test your luck then read out the full information about the Lotto game.

What are the Steps to Play the Lotto Game?

Read the full steps of how to play Lotto, and buy a Lotto India ticket.

Here are the steps of How to play Lotto-

  • Choose your Number- Firstly, visit the official page of Play Lotto India and click on the ‘Play’ option.  Choose six numbers from 1 to 50 on any one of the desired panels. After that, choose a Joker Ball from 1 to 5. You can also opt for a quick pick number option in which numbers will be automatically generated for you. If you want to submit more than one entry, you can switch to another panel to select a number.
  • Select the Amount- Think whether you want to enter your numbers into a single draw, or you want to turn to multiple draws, for which you have to subscribe three months in advance.
  • Pay the Amount Fee- Once you have completed your numbers selecting process, after that you have to select ‘Add to Cart’ and then ‘Pay’ to be done with your payment procedure. If you are new to Lotto then you need to register and have to provide all your registration details, and the old users need to directly sign in to complete the payment process. Once you pay the fee you will visit the monthly Lotto India Raffle which will give you the chance to win Rs 8000.
  • Confirm Your Numbers- After you have completed your entries check whether you got the confirmation email.

Also, after 90 days you can check your number on the official page whether you won or lost.

How to Win Lotto Game

If you want to win the lotto game then you have to choose six numbers and the Joker Ball carefully. If you win you can get and win prizes up to Rs 4 Crore, Rs 40 Crore or even more than that in special Bumper Draws. 

The procedure of winning the game is 1 in 79,453,500 and you will be allotted 3 chances to try out your luck.

The amount of one panel is Rs 40, the more panels you try the more your chance to win will also extend for which you should have a sufficient amount along with you.

So, guys test your luck through this life-changing game.

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